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Henrikki Almusa henrikki.almusa at
Wed Apr 14 14:07:31 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 14 April 2004 10:48, Henrikki Almusa wrote:
> I did some reading on code and noticed that embAlignReportProfile uses
> seqset and prophet doesn't read this in. So what is that seqset and why it
> is embAlingReportProfile and not in embAlingReport(Local|Global)? Can
> seqset be made, instead of read from file or would if be better to use
> embAlingReportLocal instead of embAlingReportProfile?

Ok. After more checking it seems that one can only use embAlignReportProfile. 
Eg. not local as i meantioned above. But in profile there is that seqset that 
isn't used for anything. So basicly it might work, by giving a null seqset to 
it. I'm going to try that. 

Henrikki Almusa

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