ACD backwards compatibility

pmr at pmr at
Fri Oct 24 15:06:41 UTC 2003

Peter Ernst writes:
> Dear Emboss developers,
>   version: pre-release of EMBOSS-2.8.0.
>   problem: ACD backwards compatibility
> I realised that the upcoming EMBOSS release does not understand the
> old attributes anymore (here: attribute "required"). Wouldn't it be
> nice to have some backwards compatibility for the cases, where the
> keywords simply have changed?

Yes. I have code to do that. There was a problem with "standard" and
which will clash if abbrevitions are used ("standardtype" is renamed
Assuming nobody had "standardtype" shortened to "standard" it should be OK.

The existing code had to be cleaned up for acdvalid to report correctly,
but now the ACD files are cleaned we can add the old "required" and
attributes back as aliases ... but for a limited time. They will be gone
by release 3.0.0.


Peter Rice

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