names defined in pcre_internal.h

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Fri Oct 24 15:01:25 UTC 2003

Peter Ernst writes:
>   version: pre-release of EMBOSS-2.8.0.
>   problem: names defined in pcre_internal.h
> the new "perl compatible regular expressions" (pcre) in EMBOSS do have
> an include file named "pcre_internal.h". However this include file is
> not just used internally to compile the regular expression code in
> Ajax, but is also included in the "emboss.h" include chain (through
> ajreg.h).
> Because this include file contains several definitions not following
> the usual prefix-scheme e.g. definitions for "TRUE" and "FALSE" or
> names derived from Perl (e.g. OP_NOT, OP_REF or OP_REVERSE), I
> experienced name conflicts during compilation of my programs that are
> using EMBOSS.
> Maybe it is possible to
>   a.) prefix the definitions in pcre_internal.h (to fight against the
>       namespace pollution) and/or

Should be no problem.

>   b.) remove pcre_internal.h from the include chain of emboss.h.
>       (the name suggests that it was not supposed to be public)

Ummmm ... I need to check on whether it is needed (and whether we can
avoid needing it).

PCRE is a separate regular expression library that we have included in
Ajax, as a replacement
for the Henry Spencer regular expression libraries.


Peter Rice

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