Report format

Peter Rice pmr at
Mon Dec 8 11:45:59 UTC 2003

Damian Counsell wrote:
> This may be a completely stupid suggestion, but, if you don't ask...
> Could we have decimal tabs, please?  You know: ones smart enough to
> align themselves by the position of the floating point, even in the
> absence of specifying the number of digits before and after it?

Hmmmm ...

What really happens to these data types is that the values are all 
strings written by the calling program and stored as tag=value pairs in 
an internal feature table.

On output, the (string) tag value is reported.

"str" tags are left justified
Anything else is right justified.

We could try, for floats, reading the value in and rewriting it in a 
fixed precision. A small overhead but maybe worth it.

We could also try removing extra trailing zeroes in some cases.



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