José R. Valverde jrvalverde at
Tue Oct 8 14:14:29 UTC 2002

A couple of suggestions for the Jemboss user interface:

	1) Why not integrate B/Biomer with Jemboss so structure files
(PDB) may be loaded, visualised, built AND modelised by molecular
	B/Biomer has already all this, and is open code and free
academic software.

	I've been wanting to do this for almost two years now, but
have not been able to find the time needed to start with it (sic).
I still would like to, and perhaps with some minor help I could.
In principle all that would be needed is a connection similar to that
available for Cinema: a menu item opening a window where one can
select/drag a PDB file and perhaps a "connection" of .pdb/.ent/.brk
files to the program.

	It might be a good starting point to grasp other MD software
(but again, my adaptation of TINKER to embassy is long due and delayed).

	2) Simpler: a way to save user preferences locally, and most
prominently among them, things like the "mail server" to be used by
CINEMA, which is a pain that needs localisation almost everywhere.


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