which restriction sites are used ?

Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Mon Oct 7 10:03:10 UTC 2002

from : BEN

	Dear developers,

I am using EMBOSS version 2.4.1. I noticed the following : ApeKI is a 
restriction enzyme without commercial provider. If I do "redata ApeKI" I get :

Recognition site is GCWGC leaving sticky ends
  Cut positions 5':0 3':0 [5':0 3':0]
Organism: Aeropyrum pernix K1
Methylated: ?(5)
Source: ATCC 700893

   TseI        AceI        Taq52I      TseBI       

Kawarabayasi, Y. et al., (1999) DNA Res., vol. 6, pp. 83-101.
Xu, S.-Y., Opitz, L., Unpublished observations.
So, it is there and has a cut site that should match GCAGC.
Yet, when I run remap or restrict with parameters -nocommercial -nolimit on a 
sequence containg GCAGC the restriction site is not found. Asking explicitly to 
look for enzyme ApeKI does not help, the enzyme is not even mentioned as "enzyme 
that does not cut".

Is that normal ?

	Guy Bottu

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