The EMBOSS Documentation Project

Damian Counsell d.counsell at
Mon Jun 24 10:17:16 UTC 2002

Dear All                                                                        
There will be a meeting to discuss EMBOSS documentation on Wednesday
morning at 10:30 in the loft of the Hinxton conference centre.  There
is a real possibility of obtaining some funding for developing this so
it'd be nice to have a plan for how we could spend the money if/when
it appears.
What do users want from our documentation system?  What do we want
from it?  How are we going to store, implement and distribute it?  Who
should we hire to build it?  What are the prospects for making this
work a research project in itself?  Who gets the movie rights?
I'm soliciting opinions on all these and other questions---ideally
*other people's* opinions, so please come along if you can, and/or
circulate this message to anyone else you think might be able to
contribute.  I've booked facilities for "about half-a-dozen".

You are also encouraged to write to me with suggestions about
documentation.  I'm relatively new round here so apologies if this
message falls outside the scope of either of these lists; pretend you
didn't see it.
all the best                                                                    

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