Peter Rice peter.rice at
Tue Jun 18 15:41:38 UTC 2002

Mick Watson wrote:
> In this instance I really wanted the first part of the fasta line to stay the
> same - I realise that it doesn't anyway die to the "_1" which is appended -
> so now as well as removing that I am also putting the "gnl|UG|" part back on
> the front too!
> My first instinct would be to just leave the fasta line alone other than to
> simply append _# to the translation......

It is a very small change to allow the following:

transeq nucleic.seq -osf ncbi protein.pep -osdb UG

This would replace the "unk" with "UG" in your NCBI output.

Probably will be available in EMBOSS 2.5



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