next EMBOSS Meeting / Documentation update

Damian Counsell d.counsell at
Wed Jul 10 14:13:45 UTC 2002

Dear All

The next EMBOSS Documentation Meeting will be combined with the next
EMBOSS meeting and take place this Friday 12Jul02 from 09:30 to 10:30
in C209-210 (Shared Facilities) in the Sanger Building.

The LION boys won't be able to make this one so they will miss Lisa
talking about plans for an all-in-one editing suite for Jemboss and my
doing the squirrel dance.

I have updated the EMBOSS Documentation Project Web pages

with news of the latest developments, including screenshots of the
proposed XML (DocBook) editor showing Terry's impressive work on the
new command documentation template, and a link to Hugh's minutes of
the last meeting.  Please let me know if I have ballsed up

anywhere on the site.

all the best


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