problem with wildcard in emboss applications.

ableasby at ableasby at
Fri Jan 4 20:52:16 UTC 2002

I can neither reproduce this on an O2 nor your colleagues link
strangeness in plplot.

Try setting up the emboss_tempdata definition in emboss.default
(or your .embossrc) to point to blah/EMBOSS-2.1.0/test
and then try   seqret "tembl:*"
If that works examine your db definitions. If there are still
problems you should send a few sample entries from the database
you're trying to access, your database definition for it, how
you indexed it and the results of a 'seqret -debug' to

If the above doesn't work then, after rechecking the 'set' line
for emboss_tempdata, then again send all the info you can including a
seqret -debug output to emboss-bug


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