BOSC 2001 [Bioinformatics Open Source Conference]

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Wed Jan 24 18:00:46 UTC 2001

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We will be attempting to run another Bioinformatics Open Source Conference
just before ISMB 2001. We have recieved information that this is likely to
be able to occur and will possibly have extensive computer support,
therefore allowing development to occur as well as talks.

At the moment we are gathering our thoughts and generally mapping out the
form of the conference. We would like input from the wider open source
bioinformatics community for ideas about the conference.

The practical aims of this is to 

    (a) come up with a format for the day(s)

    (b) appoint a committee to run the conference.

It is likely that myself and Chris Dadigidan will be the core of the
committee as we've done this before and we know what is going on. (Frankly
if someone wants to take over my cheer-leading role, you are more than
welcome! Endless patience and good email-discipline is a must...)

I would suggest the following committee membership:

    Each of the major groups nominate one person on the committee. I would
suggest: bioperl (possibly me or chris), biojava, biopython, emboss,
acedb, ensembl (possibly me) each has one person assigned to be on the

    Then I would like to see if we can reach out into the smaller
projects, including ones I haven't listed here, such as the nascent
bioLISPers, I believe there is an open source Bio PathWays group, the
Apollo/Gadfly people might want to make sure they are represented.
(biocorba and bioxml - you are smaller projects at the moment) Ideally one
or two people can come from the smaller projects.

   Total committee should be 8 or less. 

   [PS - if you know of people who "have a project" but they are in the
primordial soup stage of the project, please forward this mail onto them]

   Comments should be addressed to bosc at - like I
said, I expect the major projects to assign their own representitive
or say they are not interested.


   Ewan Birney

Ewan Birney. Mobile: +44 (0)7970 151230, Work: +44 1223 494420
<birney at>. 

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