Catherine Letondal letondal at pasteur.fr
Wed Jan 10 14:39:41 UTC 2001

ableasby at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk wrote:
> Dear EMBOSS developers,
> The new year has brought GUI fever. We're currently testing W2H for emboss,
> Peter Rice is planning extensions for SRS, James Bonfield is doing work on
> the Staden interface (SPIN) and Tim Littlejohn is doing bionavigator things.
> All these are directly concerned with ACD and what we don't want are
> multiple ACD dialects out there (at least I think it'd be a shame). I believe
> everyone involved in this projects is on this emboss-dev list so maybe we can
> thrash out an ACD consensus here so we can get on with implementing it asap.
> So, this is a warning of activity and maybe those involved can say either
> what they've done or what they want.

Maybe something like a 'pipe' attribute, at least for input/output files,
would be useful to connect programs together.

I agree with the suggestion about having default prompts expanded by an acdpretty or 
acdcomplete feature as well as a way to group parameters in a hierarchical way. 

I feel very sorry for the acd2xml not being perfect!! :-) It's purpose was only
to adapt EMBOSS descriptions to Pise, not to convert ACD into XML. I keep on suggesting
that native XML ACDs would be great.

Catherine Letondal -- Pasteur Institute Computing Center

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