Corrections to ACD Syntax manual

James Bonfield jkb at
Thu Feb 8 15:36:19 UTC 2001

Just a couple small problems I encountered near the start of this manual.

"Parameters and qualifiers are defined by a single token followed by either a
colon ':'"


"The first token in the file must be "application" directly followed by a
colon ':' or an equal sign '='."

I think the phrase "directed followed" is misleading, as "token : value" is
just as valid as "token: value". Whether this is deliberate or not I do not
know, but I see both examples liberally used.

2. "Values can be delimited (i.e. treated as one token) by any of the
following pairs, which are stripped as the value is parsed :

	  '' {} () [] <>

The only quoting I find used is double quotes, which isn't listed above.

I also wonder whether this many quoting styles is just a symptom of the lack
of escaping mechanism. Adding backslash support would probably allow great
simplification of this.


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