[EMBnet ADMIN] Re: EMBOSS - Indexing breaks on large databases

jrvalverde at cnb.uam.es jrvalverde at cnb.uam.es
Thu Feb 8 10:45:29 UTC 2001

David Martin <david.martin at biotek.uio.no> wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Feb 2001 jrvalverde at cnb.uam.es wrote:
> This will break if you have more than one ofthe sed commands run. It will
> either overwrite the previous substitutions or die if noclobber is set.
> put the sed commands in a file and source them with sed -f and it should
> work.

Certainly! I was writing from memory and got a user interrupting me with 
a problem meanwhile, I wrote it in a hassle and didn't realize it was
mid-way (copy-pasted and half-edited lines). Shuld have been

> sed -e 's/CC="cc"/CC="cc -64"/g' $1 > tmpfile
> sed -e 's/CC = cc/CC = cc -64/g' tmpfile > $1
> sed -e 's/\/bin\/ld/\/bin\/ld -64/g' $1 > tmpfile
> mv tmpfile > $1

Yeek! I should learn to be more careful with the [send] button or
have a less window clobbered screen.


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