interpreting ajtranslate.* in ajax library.

Bill Shui touro at
Mon Aug 6 15:03:07 UTC 2001

Hi there,
    I'm using EMBOSS as part of my honours thesis. What I am doing now is 
    breaking up all the library modules and reuse bits of them to get something

    However, I am stuck with ajtranslate or the transeq program.

    In the file ajtranslate.c, the function ajTrnReadFile uses struct
    AjSTrn to store the EGC data (well at least that's how I understood it)
    correct me if I was wrong. 

    Now, I don't understand why the variable GC and Starts in 
    AjSTrn are 15 by 15 by 15 matrices?

    I also do not understand the meaning of initialisation of
    the char arrays trnconv and trncomp.

    and why most of the arrays are 14?

your prompt reply to this is much appreciated as I really need this for my
thesis and I'm on a tight schedule.

thanks in advance.


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