[DAS2] DAS meeting missed

Steve Chervitz Steve_Chervitz at affymetrix.com
Tue Jun 12 01:28:53 UTC 2007

Sorry I missed today's DAS teleconf. I was caught up in chaos at home until
~10:30. If folks can sent me a summary of their status updates, I can pull
together some meeting notes.

As for my status, the new machine for hosting the public Affy DAS servers is
now installed and online at http://netaffxdas.affymetrix.com (same address
as old server). The number of arrays supported is now significantly larger,
thanks to the increased memory on the new box.

The array features that we are serving up (probe, probe set locations on
various genome builds) are mostly coming from a DAS/1 server, though we hope
to move to a single DAS/2 server eventually, once we resolve some data
format issues for the 3¹-IVT arrays (the DAS/2 server currently only
supports the newer exon/gene arrays). There would of course be a generous
transition period to allow clients to switch their DAS/1-based code to use


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