[DAS2] move biodas website to a wiki?

Andreas Prlic ap3 at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Nov 6 16:34:05 UTC 2006


Over the last year several of the open-bio websites like BioPerl or
BioJava have been moved to a Wiki.
Looking at the current state of the biodas website, which is getting
out of date and does not look well maintained  I thought it might be
good to do the same for biodas.org.

We have a couple of announcements which would be good to put there -
e.g. Ensembl now provides DAS  reference and annotation servers for all
  its genomes, several new DAS-based applications are in the pipeline,
the  DAS registry now counts 170+ DAS servers, etc...

what do you guys think about this idea?



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