[DAS2] updated examples

Andrew Dalke dalke at dalkescientific.com
Wed Mar 15 00:34:55 UTC 2006

Checked into das CVS.


The current (incomplete) spec is 'spec.txt'.  It is already out of date.
The .rnc files are up-to-date.

The subdirectory "ucla" contains data from Allen's server,
with the format hand-updated.

A couple of things to note.  I used three different ways of
specifying the same namespace:

<SOURCES xmlns="http://www.biodas.org/ns/das/genome/2.00">

<DAS2:FEATURES xmlns:DAS2="http://www.biodas.org/ns/das/genome/2.00">

<das:SEGMENTS xmlns:das="http://www.biodas.org/ns/das/genome/2.00">

This is to check that you all are doing correct namespace processing.  

Also, I've gone ahead and added the 'SUPPORTS' element, like this

       <CAPABILITY type="features" query_uri="yeast/features.xml">
         <SUPPORTS name="basic" />

This says that the server only supports 'basic' searches, which means
you can only ask it for all the feature.  There is no feature query 
There is also 'das2queries' which says that the server supports the
das2 query language.  The following says that you can ask for everything
or you can ask for things in the DAS2 query language.

       <CAPABILITY type="features" query_uri="yeast/features.xml">
         <SUPPORTS name="basic" />
         <SUPPORTS name="das2queries" />

If not given the client should assume it supports 'das2queries'.
Note that 'basic' is a subset of 'das2queries'.

					dalke at dalkescientific.com

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