[DAS2] Apollo and DAS/2 priorities

Nomi Harris nomi at fruitfly.org
Thu Jan 26 23:56:18 UTC 2006

i am at affy today, and was discussing with gregg what i should focus on
before the code sprint (feb 6).  given the short time frame before we
need to submit the progress report (gregg is trying to find out when that
is due), it's important to spend that time on things that will show
visible progress towards apollo/das2 connectivity.  the part i've
completed--loading features from das2xml and displaying them in
apollo--is definitely good in terms of bang for the buck, because you can
look at an IGB display and an apollo display of the same data and it's
clear that they match.

it's obviously important to get the GET requests working before we submit
the progress report; gregg and i hoping the updates to the GET spec will
be done very soon so that he can bring the server up to spec before the
code sprint, since we clearly need a current working server available
during the code sprint to use for testing.

in the meantime, there are several options for what i can work on:
- gregg thinks the specs for source and type GETs are more stable than
the feature GETs, so i could start trying to get source & type.
- andrew, if you could give me an updated das2xml example of features, i
can make sure that my das2xml reader is up to spec (right now i'm using
das2xml from gregg's server, which is at least three months out of date).
- gregg and i are not sure whether it makes sense for me to start working
on a das2xml writer.  it would be nice to be able to validate
round-tripping, and it's also a step towards server writeback (which we
probably won't be able to work on anytime soon).  however, i would need
an updated feature xml example in order to work on this.
- i haven't yet tried loading sequence.  there are several levels on which
that could be implemented:
  - read sequence from a das2xml file
  - get sequence from das/2 server
  - fetch sequence automatically as needed (lazy loading)
i may start working on reading sequence from a das2xml file first, since
that's a necessary step in order to read it from a server anyway.

suzi, any feedback on priorities?


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