[DAS2] RE: Modifying com.affymetrix.igb.das2 classes

Helt,Gregg Gregg_Helt at affymetrix.com
Tue Feb 7 03:34:48 UTC 2006

You're right, it looks like some of this code was already getting moved
over to the das2.assay and das2.ontology packages as subclasses of

However it's not clear to me if the equivalent of source and versioned
source for assay, ontology, and other domains are going to be similar
enough to the DAS/2 sequence domain to justify sharing a base
class/interface.  What do/will they share?

I'll go ahead with changes to the das2 package, and look into moving
much of this code into a das2.sequence package.


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> Sent: Monday, February 06, 2006 7:09 PM
> To: Helt,Gregg
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> Subject: Re: Modifying com.affymetrix.igb.das2 classes
> Hi Gregg,
> Go for it!! Marc and I can take a look at it again when you're happy
> with the changes. The versioned source object really needed an
> anyway to deal with the multiple domains of the DAS/2 server. I think
> there should be a VersionedSource parent and then children for each
> domain (i.e. VersionedSourceAssay). I think Marc started to do this
> he was afraid to alter the VersionedSource object too much for fear of
> breaking the IGB client.
> --Brian
> Helt,Gregg wrote:
> > Brian and Marc,
> >
> > I'm about to start seriously modifying the IGB DAS/2 classes in the
> > com.affymetrix.igb.das2 package. There's code in there you wrote to
> > work with materials, assays, results, and ontology. I think we
> > discussed at some point splitting this stuff out into a separate
> > package(s). Which sounds good, especially since (as I understand
> > these domains are separate from the DAS/2 "sequence" domain. The
> > place there's a lot of mixture of code for these domains with the
> > sequence parts is in Das2VersionedSource. Is it okay if I move this
> > out (or comment it out) of Das2VersionedSource while I renovate
> > parts of the class?
> >
> > thanks,
> >
> > Gregg
> >

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