[DAS2] DAS/2 grant conf call at 12 PST tomorrow

Suzanna Lewis suzi at fruitfly.org
Wed May 18 18:39:43 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I had dinner with Lincoln last night to discuss the grant
and we would like to move tomorrow's call (Thursday
May 19) to noon. This is so that Lincoln can make the
call. He has group meeting at the earlier time. The other
alternative is to have 2 calls. Lincoln really wants to
talk with us, Gregg.

We also discussed some new aims for the renewal.
This would make the existing grant quite a bit larger,
but I think that is fine (based on conversations with
Peter Good). These are some of the ideas we can
talk over tomorrow.

1. Extend specification to include SNP data
	(contact Steve Sherry at dbSNP)
2. Extend specification to include protein structure data
	(contact Helen Berman at PDB)
3. Include an analysis server
4. Utilize the established Apollo and GMOD community
      to form a core of biologists that will actually commit to
      using DAS2 for the annotation of their organism and
      the merged apollo-igb
	(e.g. paramecium?, dictyostelium?)
5. Enable apollo-igb to act as both client and server?


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