[DAS2] DAS2 phone call schedules

Helt,Gregg Gregg_Helt at affymetrix.com
Thu May 5 20:22:35 UTC 2005

Apologies, I thought I had posted that info before!

DAS/2 grant weekly teleconference, Thursdays at 11:30 AM Pacific time.
Conference call-in number:
	USA: 800-531-3250
 	International: 303-928-2693
Conference id: 2879055

In general in this meeting we're covering a lot of ground:
implementation details and progress, spec issues, organizational stuff,
etc.  I'd really like to start breaking this down so that we have at
least one teleconference a month that focuses on just the actual DAS/2
specification and that the principals from the different sites can all
attend.  Then we can focus on other topics (implementation etc.) during
the other weekly meetings, which not everyone would need to attend.
Best compromise time for the monthly meeting so far is 10 AM Fridays.
Which is still difficult for Hinxton, so I'm open to other suggestions.


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