[DAS] Survey on DAS projects

Jonathan Warren jw12 at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Nov 17 12:11:14 UTC 2011


As the 2012 DAS workshop is coming up at the end of February we would  
like to hear from people using DAS.
We would be really grateful to receive just a short email from anyone  
using DAS or developing DAS with a brief summary about their project  
and how DAS fits in, especially if you have not spoken at the DAS  
workshops at any time.

Please also say if you would be interested in giving a short  
presentation at the workshop in February even if you are not sure if  
you could make it. Previous years the presentations have been 15  
minutes with 5 minutes for questions - however this year we intend to  
be more flexible and so if you would prefer to give a "lightning talk"  
of just 5 minutes to update people or give them a brief overview that  
will be fine. Links to the previous years talks can be found here http://www.biodas.org/wiki/DASWorkshop2011#Day_2

I must emphasise - please give us a summary even if you are not  
interested in giving a talk as we would like to know what is going on  
out there and we promise not to hound you to give a talk :)

Thanks in advance

The Sanger/EBI DAS people.

Jonathan Warren
Senior Developer and DAS coordinator
blog: http://biodasman.wordpress.com/
jw12 at sanger.ac.uk
Ext: 2314
Telephone: 01223 492314

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