[DAS] 1.6 draft 7

Andy Jenkinson andy.jenkinson at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Sep 22 15:44:27 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I have updated the 1.6 specification to draft 7 in light of recent discussions on the list:
1. All features in a parent/part hierarchy must be returned if any overlap a query segment.
2. The alignment command is back to extension status, in anticipation of a revamp (see the 1.6E page on the wiki).

Also in this draft is a previous change that was missed: the start and end attributes of a SEGMENT element in the features, types and entry_points commands are now optional. This makes it possible for servers without access to detailed information about the segments they are annotating to comply with the specification. Previously, it was impossible for such servers to respond in a compliant fashion to requests in which the client does not specify a start/end position.

If my understanding is correct, no further changes to the specification are anticipated which means we can consider this the final draft...

See here for details:


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