[DAS] 1.53E validation errors

Dave Messina David.Messina at sbc.su.se
Wed Sep 1 14:35:00 UTC 2010

> Dave, if you try to validate again, does it work now?

No, as of a minute ago.

A couple of days ago I fixed one of them which was previously invalid, though, and it's now showing up as valid. Five others are not, but they were fixed yesterday or today.

> Thanks for the feedback!

You're welcome. It's entirely selfish — I don't want my servers to be deleted from the registry. :)

> I'll look into caching again on the validation

Great, thanks Jonathan. I saw your subsequent email, too.

> With regards to DSN being invalid when stated in the sources document I agree it's a bit of a usability issue so I've now changed it so that the registry will not complain about this and tolerate it both for 1.53E and 1.6E specifications.

Wonderful, thanks.

> Putting DSN validation is on my todo list - but it's very little gain in my opinion as it's simple and not got much to validate (as apposed to the sources document) and is also completely super-seeded by the sources document.

I agree, so I think as long as it's valid to state it in the sources document, that's enough.


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