[DAS] Setting up DAS with ensembl plugin

Jithesh jithesh at ibioinformatics.org
Tue Aug 3 06:54:45 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I am a newbie in this field. I would like to set up a DAS server with
the ensembl plugin. I have tried configuring it but in vain. This is
what I have tried.

I downloaded the dazzle-1.00 source from the site and compiled it using
the ant utility. It gave me errors in the file AbstractDataSource.java
telling about the MatchType. So I used the DazzleDataSource.MatchType to
remove this error. I got the jar file using the ant compile then. 

I got only one datasource ID test and the tss was giving errors.

2004-08-03 15:57:51 Couldn't initialize datasource tss
java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access field
org.biojava.servlets.dazzle.datasource.GFFAnnotationSource.REGION_PATTERN from class org.biojava.servlets.dazzle.datasource.GFFAnnotationSource$Handler
2004-08-03 15:57:51 DazzleServerMain: *** WARNING *** Lost a data source

When I tried it with the test file provided with a client it also didn't
give a proper output. I had followed the manual provided at the site.

If anyone can assist me in setting up the server, I would definitely

Thanks in Advance

Jithesh <jithesh at ibioinformatics.org>

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