[DAS] moving bioperl/biodas website and mailing lists to a new server; possible email delays this weekend

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu May 15 12:08:19 EDT 2003

Hi folks,

Bioperl and BioDAS websites and mailing lists will be moved to a new 
O|B|F server starting this weekend. The new server is faster, has more 
disk space and is easier to secure and maintain. In addition to our 
usual anti-spam scanning we can also scan incoming emails for viral 
payloads on this new system.

This _will not_ affect any of the CVS sourcecode servers -- both the 
'real' and anonymous CVS repositories are staying put.

The website transition should be transparent as we can leave both 
servers running while new DNS propagates.

Email will not be as easy. In order to preserve the accuracy of the 
mailman list archives we are going to have to disable the email lists on 
the "old" server right before we cut over to the new system.

The likely effect for some people is that their emails will be delayed 
for a few hours as their ISP tries to deliver and re-deliver email to 
the old system. The problem will fix itself over a period of 24 hours as 
the new DNS MX entry for bioperl.org/biodas.org propagates through DNS. 
This is well short of the usual 5-day limit that mailservers use when 
trying to route email so no messages should get lost -- only delayed a bit.


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