[DAS] OmniGene-0.5 is released on sourceforge!!

Brian Gilman gilmanb@genome.wi.mit.edu
Tue, 18 Dec 2001 18:35:06 -0500 (EST)

Hello all,

	It is with great joy (holiday that is) that I am announcing our
0.5 release of omnigene and associated API's. This release includes:

	1) Ability to browse all of Jim kent's and Ensembl das data
	2) Ability to handle all DAS 1.0 and 2.0* server data
	2) Ability to export views as JPEG/SVG
	3) Threaded fetching of data from viewer
	4) Options to turn on and off tracks
	5) Simple server side mechanism to "dasify" data from databases
	which support stored procedures
	6) Middleware capable of handling different XML schema's
	specifically: XFF and AGAVE
	7) API which transparently handle XML->Object creation and DAS
	protocol versioning issues
	8) Simple hooks to write your own custom DAS tracks 
	9) Unit Tests and Example code for each API
	10) Installation docs and javadoc for API's

	*2.0 has not been defined by the biodas group however, we have
"SOAPified" this protcol in the hope that this will help people understand
the web services technology and open up discussions for future direction
of the DAS protocol and specification.
	To get your hands on this release, point your web browser to:


	We have provided a java based installer for our das viewer,
OmniView. All other API and source downloads can be found under the other
links provided on the page described above. 

	Comments, problems, suggestions, please e-mail us at:




			Happy Holidays!!!


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