[BioRuby] GSoC 2013 is ON

Pjotr Prins pjotr.public14 at thebird.nl
Thu Mar 7 12:08:50 UTC 2013

Note that proposals for GSoC can be for any Biogem work! Come on guys,
you are not telling me that there are no ideas for student projects. A
student will work almost 4 months for you. Writing a 2-paragraph
proposal is easy!


How about an RDF backend for BioRuby?

On Sun, Mar 03, 2013 at 03:47:29PM +0100, Pjotr Prins wrote:
> Game on! GSoC 2013 is ON. I am running with the OBF project
> administration this year for the Google Summer of code (GSoC). 

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