[BioRuby] BioGem and Rails

Raoul Bonnal bonnalraoul at ingm.it
Mon Jan 31 10:27:51 UTC 2011

Dear All,
I've created a new branch in biogem.


It adds an option at biogem script for creating a rails engine with your gem, ONLY Rails3 !!!

The idea is: develop a gem that can be used in a script and extend it to be integrated in a rails project.
Which library can benefits from this approach ? I think,  databases, parser  or any data that you want to expose to a rails application.

It's in a very early stage so don't use it now, this message is just to let you know that we are adding new features.

from the help:
--with-engine                create a Rails engine with the namespace give in input. Set default database creation

Note: Is not possible to add the engine to an old gem, I need to fix it and implement the generator to accomplish to this task.

Any input is welcome.



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