[BioRuby] SciRuby (The first BioRuby IRC conference on Dec 19th)

Raoul Bonnal bonnalraoul at ingm.it
Tue Dec 21 17:02:06 UTC 2010

Dear John,

On 21/dic/2010, at 17.46, John Woods wrote:

> Apotomo looks like it could be very useful. I think widgets are definitely the way to go.
> One thing I want to make clear is that although many of us are biologists, SciRuby should be a standalone project. This is not simply intended as a bioinformatics tool. It should be something general purpose, that any scientist/statistician would feel comfortable using. With that said, I think it's appropriate to write plugins that bridge BioRuby and SciRuby.
It's fine and logical, i agree with you.

> Can you be more specific with your question? I'm planning on taking a look at what we already have later today and updating the spec. (Unfortunately, our lab website is being upgraded, so I can't link you to the current spec right now.)
I mean a road map, but I'll wait for the new web site.

> Incidentally, I just set up a Google Group for SciRuby development. It's public.
> http://groups.google.com/group/sciruby-dev
Good to know.


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