[BioRuby] Subversion

jan aerts (RI) jan.aerts at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu Apr 12 09:49:54 UTC 2007

I completely support using a system like Trac or Rubyforge for bug
tracking, feature requests, setting of milestones etc. It wouldn't
matter that much to me _which_ of the two systems is used, as long as
they _are_ used.

Go for it, Trevor!


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> Trevor,
> On 2007/04/10, at 3:56, Trevor Wennblom wrote:
> > Just to clear up any potential confusion before it arises - 
> Trac is an 
> > independent system built on Python.  It would likely be hosted at 
> > OpenBio or on the Bioruby server.
> I have never used but happy to have Trac for BioRuby project 
> as long as it is hosted at OBF (I suppose that the Trac 
> server should be on the same server with the subversion repository).
> I'll point dev.bioruby.org or trac.bioruby.org to the server 
> so you could setup a virtual host at open-bio.org.
> Toshiaki
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