[BioRuby] BioRuby Rails Plugins: an open subversion repository at RubyForge.

Mitsuteru Nakao n at bioruby.org
Tue Apr 10 04:26:15 UTC 2007

hi all,

I set up BioRuby Rails Plugins, an open subversion repository
at rubyforge.org.

- BioRuby Rails Plugins

This is an open repository for bioruby and rails users.
The project provides a rails plugin source:

  % script/plugin source

You can find bioruby rails plugins by,

  % script/plugin list

Please let me know if you want to put your rails plugins
for biological application. I will add you a developer in
the project.

And one more thing, I released a rails plugin of an
uniprot modeling by ActiveRecord. You can use it,

  % script/plugin source
  % script/plugin install uniprot
  % script/generate uniprot add_uniprot_models
  % rake db:migrate
  % rake uniprot:import SPROT_DAT=uniprot_sprot.dat.gz
  ... 20 hours ...
  % script/console
  >> UniProt::Entry.find_by_name "P53_HUAMN"

Have fun.

Mitsuteru Nakao
<n at bioruby.org>
<mn at kazusa.or.jp>

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