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Topher Cyll christophercyll at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 00:28:11 UTC 2007

If someone is willing to do the migration, why wouldn't the history be kept?

Too much work is a perfectly reasonable answer, by the way. =)

On 4/5/07, Trevor Wennblom <trevor at corevx.com> wrote:
> So what do people want as far as migrating the history from the soon-
> to-be-old CVS repository to the Subversion repository?
> My thoughts on this are that we can lock the CVS repository and keep
> it around for reading if we want to look up who did what in the future.
> So far the votes are:
>    Start fresh - me
>    Migrate the history - Pjotr
> Any other voters?  I'm trying to set this up to coincide with the
> release of 1.1.  If you're a core member and don't care either way
> just respond "no vote" or something so I know I'm not leaving anyone
> out here.
> Trevor
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