[BioRuby] bioruby docs english translation?

Toshiaki Katayama k at bioruby.org
Wed Apr 27 10:08:24 EDT 2005

I'm really sorry about the lack of (English) documentations.

The files that Moses attached seems to be removed by the list server.

Additionally, contents of BioRuby.rd.ja, TODO.rd.ja, Tutorial.rd.ja
files in doc directory are not updated for long time even in Japanese
version (Moses, they are in Japanese EUC encoding).

We, Japanese BioRuby develpers, are now considering to have a 
camp in Japan and applying for a grant for that.

I'm happy that someone can help me to developing English documentation
when the Japanese version is updated.

This year, I'll be at BOSC2005 and hopefully at BioHackathon,
so it would also be nice to have a meeting there.

Toshiaki Katayama
Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo
4-6-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071, Japan
tel://+81-3-5449-5614, fax://+81-3-5449-5434
BioRuby project     http://bioruby.org/~k/
GenomeNet/KEGG      http://www.genome.jp/
Human Genome Center http://www.hgc.jp/

On 2005/04/27, at 15:47, Moses Hohman wrote:

> I messed around with this a bit, using Babelfish and the faint traces 
> of a couple quarters of Japanese back in grad school. I am happy to 
> share, although I concentrated mostly on the TODO, with a bit of work 
> on the rest. Also, the translation is probably imperfect. You'll have 
> to open the files using the right Japanese encoding (which I forget). 
> These also might not be the latest versions--I tried this last fall 
> sometime. Without further ado and qualification, please find them 
> attached.
> Moses
> On Apr 27, 2005, at 12:14 AM, Todd Wasson wrote:
>> Has anyone considered an attempt, even a rough one, at translating 
>> the included BioRuby.rd.ja, Design.rd.ja, KEGG_API.rd.ja, TODO.rd.ja, 
>> and Tutorial.rd.ja docs into english?  I wish I were equipped to do 
>> it myself, but alas.  I'm trying to push the use of ruby (and 
>> specifically bioruby) in my bioinformatics program here at Duke, but 
>> the wiki alone isn't sufficient documentation to help people along.
>> I'm sure I'm not the first or last to ask, but I thought it was worth 
>> asking anyway.  Thanks!
>> Todd
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