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Subject: [Utilities-announce] PubMed E-Utilities DTD Update 2018
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Dear NCBI PubMed E-Utilities Users,

We anticipate updating the PubMed E-Utilities DTD for 2018 in late
November, approximately November 27, 2017.

The forthcoming DTD is now available:


The following describes the substantive changes to PubMed DTD and PubMed XML:

The DateCreated element will be deleted.

The valid value Organism will be added to the Type attribute of the
SuppleMeshName element.


<!ELEMENT           SupplMeshName (#PCDATA) >
<!ATTLIST              SupplMeshName
                               Type (Disease | Protocol | Organism) #REQUIRED
                               UI CDATA #REQUIRED >

Change to baseline and update file names
(ftp://ftp.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/baseline and

Because NLM exports citations other than MEDLINE records, file names
for the ftp server will be corrected beginning with the 2018 baseline.

Baseline files will begin with pubmed18n0001.xml.gz
Daily update files will continue with this naming convention:
Associated .md5 files will follow this convention beginning with
Stats files will follow this convention beginning with pubmed18n0001_stats.html

Thank you,

PubMed Development Team

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