[Biopython-dev] Coverage metrics

Tiago Rodrigues Antao tra at popgen.net
Mon May 25 02:00:39 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I have been playing with metrics of test coverage with Biopython.

There is this free service, called coveralls.io that allows to extract
test coverage metrics from travis-ci runs.

You can seen an example run here:
Check build 4.4:
(the file name resolution is configured for Python 3.4 now - which is
reprenseted by build 4.4)
And, for example, a file report on the state of test coverage:
Where you can get the coverage per line of code (number of times passed
or none).

This can be implemented with a trivial change to the travis file:

As it stands this still has a few rough edges, but I think it is quite
interesting and promising


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