[Biopython-dev] GSoC SearchIO project

Brad Chapman chapmanb at 50mail.com
Tue Apr 10 00:58:19 UTC 2012


> Hi Eric, Peter,
> > How about Bio.Search, for now?
> I would prefer Bio.Pairwise or Bio.Align.Pairwise, since that tells
> users something about what the module is for. Bio.Search could be
> anything (search PubMed? search the Entrez databases? search Google?
> anyway Bio.Search does not suggest that this module is about pairwise
> alignments). But Peter previously mentioned that he doesn't like
> Bio.Pairwise; can we convince you?

I agree with Peter on this one. The module is primarily about searching
a sequence database with an input via multiple methods, not about
pairwise alignment of two sequences with is what Bio.Align.Pairwise
suggests to me.


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