[Biopython-dev] Structure and LDNe

Tiago Antão tiagoantao at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 11:54:19 UTC 2009

> However, the right way to do it should be that you create a fork of
> the code on github, add your changes and work on it locally, and then
> merge them back again in the original repository. I suppose that is
> the standard way to use git.

Considering that CVS has no development branch I think having git is
very good. I would just recommend extreme care with changing existing
code. When merging back into CVS, changes to existing code might not
go in (especially if they change interfaces) or be delayed.

Big _design_ changes will have to be discussed in advance.

For my part, what I am including is just new LDNe code and helping
Jason with the structure code. So I expect zero impact on existing
code and no need for design changes.

PS - I am travelling until Saturday, apologies in advance for delayed answers.

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