[Biopython-dev] [Bug 2531] Nexus and fasta parsers have a problem with identical taxa names

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Second example file

Using the first file where there is no TAXA block:

>>> from Bio.Nexus import Nexus
>>> n = Nexus.Nexus(open('dup_names.nex'))
>>> print n.matrix.keys()
>>> print n.original_taxon_order

Then with a TAXA block,

>>> n2 = Nexus.Nexus(open('dup_names2.nex'))
>>> print n2.matrix.keys()
>>> print n2.original_taxon_order

Notice the different behaviour of the original_taxon_order list.  In the first
case it gets the modified names, in the second case it doesn't.

Is this deliberate Frank?  On the other hand, maybe Nexus files without a TAXA
block are rare in real life?  Are they?

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