[Biopython-dev] Re: Work towards getting KDTree compiling

Brad Chapman chapmanb at uga.edu
Thu May 13 09:16:31 EDT 2004

Hi Michiel;

[bsdist_wininst plus msvc]
> Sorry, no luck. With the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler, I get the following 
> error when running python setup.py build:
> AttributeError: MSVCCompiler instance has no attribute 'compiler_cxx'
> Using mingw32, the build command runs correctly (skipping the C++ modules), 
> but the bdist_wininst command fails:
> $ /cygdrive/c/Python23/python setup.py bdist_wininst
> AttributeError: MSVCCompiler instance has no attribute 'compiler_cxx'

Thanks for the tracebacks. Grrrr, I am a moron -- my fix to skip
compilation on msvc didn't also fix trying to assign a C++ compiler,
before skipping the compilation completely. Ugh, my fault.

The problem here is that while the semi-standard compiler_so and
compiler_cxx attributes are supported on a number of compilers, msvc
uses it's own setup (it just has a cc, which I think supports C++
but am not really into testing for right now, so we are just
skipping it).

But yes, I've checked in yet another change. I am praying that this
will finally let everything compile and build windows installers and
all those good things, so that I can stop bothering you with this
and we can be all good and happy and ready for release time.

Thanks again for all your patience on this. Please do let me know if
the changes I just committed fix everything for you. Fingers


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