[Biopython-dev] To the core developpers ...

f.sohm at whsmithnet.co.uk f.sohm at whsmithnet.co.uk
Mon Dec 13 06:04:32 EST 2004


I have recently moved so I have been a bit absent recently, but I still 
maintain the Restriction packages.
I have no write access to the biopython CVS though, I think a few of the 
patches that have not been inserted in CVS are actually mine (well all those 
referring to the Restriction modules at least). Either I will have to be 
granted a write access to CVS or somebody with write access will have to 
take over this part for me, whatever is the easiest for you. 

I can't engage myself to more than maintaining the Restriction package at 
the moment but I will try to help with bugs whenever I can. 


Frederic Sohm 

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