[Biopython-dev] [Bug 1675] complement() returns string instead of Seq object

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------- Additional Comments From mdehoon at ims.u-tokyo.ac.jp  2004-12-07 03:48 -------
This has been fixed in the CVS version of Biopython. For a Seq object, there is
currently no reverse() function. You can use s[-1::-1] instead, but that will
still give you a string instead of a new Seq object.

>>> from Bio.Seq import *
>>> s = Seq('ATCGACTG')
>>> s.reverse_complement()
Seq('CAGTCGAT', Alphabet())
>>> s.complement()
Seq('TAGCTGAC', Alphabet())

>>> m = MutableSeq('ATCGACTAG')
>>> m.reverse()
>>> m
MutableSeq(array('c', 'GATCAGCTA'), Alphabet())
>>> m.complement()
>>> m
MutableSeq(array('c', 'CTAGTCGAT'), Alphabet())
>>> m.reverse_complement()
>>> m
MutableSeq(array('c', 'ATCGACTAG'), Alphabet())

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