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The sites below may be of some use:


Also, there is a wealth of jump-off points anchored at

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Actually, I just looked around for this type of
ontology last week and found nothing.  I think it
would be a valuable tool.


--- Matthew Pocock <mrp at sanger.ac.uk> wrote:
> Propose away - do we have ontologies for these
> things knocking about yet?
> Cox, Greg wrote:
> > I apologize for the cross-posting.
> > 
> > I'm involved in the BioJava project, and I'm
> looking at constructing a
> > uniform vocabulary for the parsed keys.  For
> example, currently in BioJava,
> > if an EMBL record is parsed the Organism
> information goes under the key
> > 'OS', while if a Genbank record is parsed, the
> information is under the key
> > "ORGANISM".  Are there existing standards that
> define the keys used, or
> > should I put together a new proposal?
> > 
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