[Biopython-dev] Kabat puzzles

Cayte katel at worldpath.net
Tue May 15 04:05:14 EDT 2001

  Some web surfing convinced me that subscripted Kabat numbers as in the
following text, represent variable loops in an antibody.  So if I simply use
the  Sequence class and string the residues together like beads, that will
be misleading.
Should the loops be features or should I extend the class? Any more ideas?
I need to do more surfing and digging.

SEQTPA        109   100 gat ASP D
SEQTPA        110  100A cta LEU L
SEQTPA        111  100B ccg PRO P
SEQTPA        112  100C cac HIS H
SEQTPA        113  100D aat ASN N
SEQTPA        114  100E gat ASP D
SEQTPA        115  100F ggt GLY G
SEQTPA        116  100G --- --- -
SEQTPA        117  100H --- --- -
SEQTPA        118  100I --- --- -
SEQTPA        119  100J --- --- -
SEQTPA        120  100K ttt PHE F


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