[Biopython-dev] GenBank parser Bug in RefSeq

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri May 4 13:06:16 EDT 2001

Thanks for the bug report on the GenBank parser. I downloaded the RefSeq 
and it turns out the problem is in NM_006141.1. This record is
completely lacking a REFERENCE section, which I had assumed was
mandatory. The fixes were applied to biopython CVS. You can either
download the CVS version anonymously (see http://cvs.biopython.org for
instructions), or just replace Bio/GenBank/genbank_format.py:


You may have to wait for a couple hours for anonymous CVS to catch up
and get the new revisions.

After this fix, the parser successfully made it through the whole
file, so you should get to see your Congratulations message :-).

Please let me know if this doesn't fix your problem. Thanks again for
the report.

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