[Biopython-dev] rolling release tonight!

Andrew Dalke adalke at mindspring.com
Tue Dec 18 00:20:06 EST 2001

>I'll send email when it's ready, and if it's after 6pm my
>time I'll be surprised.

I'm surprised.

Well, I did spend more time working on the documentation
(in the README).  The biggest problem was that distutils
doesn't let me install some of the test data files where
I thought they should go.  But it's for the best, as now
the regression tests aren't installed at all; they're
only part of the build.

I can also make a 'setup.py sdist' and that works.

Oh, I added two more definitions to Martel
  Martel.ToSep -- parse up to a seperator character (or
      one of several seperator characters)
  Martel.DelimitedFields -- parse text seperated by a
      delimiter character (or characters)

and made the default iterator return LAX records.

For example, the easiest way to parse /etc/passwd, say, to
print out which account uses which shell, is

import Martel
format = Martel.Rep(Martel.Group("record",
                       Martel.DelimitedFields("field", ":")))
infile = open("/etc/passwd")
for record in format.make_iterator("record").iterateFile(infile):
    print record["field"][0], "uses", record["field"][-1]


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