[Bioperl-l] Migrating from Redmine to Github Issues

Mark Jensen maj at fortinbras.us
Tue Mar 18 17:43:07 UTC 2014

A very sound decision IMO, thanks for all the work! MAJ

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We have been using the Redmine issue tracking system (https://redmine.open-bio.org/), and it has served us well.  However, in the near future we will be switching over to Github's Issues for all future issue tracking.

At the moment I expect the move to happen piecemeal, starting sometime in April-May, as they will be moved into their specific repos. Reports on Redmine will be marked as ‘Migrated’ and closed.  I also anticipate, once appropriate code changes are in place, that we will open up the Issues tab even sooner (e.g. when we can get around to it).

The migration will not be a full one; only issues that remain open will migrate, all others will remain on Redmine for the time being.  We anticipate making the Redmine repo read-only once migration is complete, and will likely drop Redmine altogether at some future point; this will be something determined at the OBF level as other projects also use this service.

As a bit of background: we have discussed this off and on over the last several years, and the general consensus seems to be this is a good move. There are a lot of positive aspects (the main one being better integration with all the repositories on GitHub already). The only downsides for the project in general are lack of upload support, but this has been a little-used feature and we recommend using Github gists for text documents.

Any feedback is more than welcome!


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