[Bioperl-l] What's wrong with the script about module Bio::SeqFeature::Gene::GeneStructure

Tao Zhu tzhu at mail.bnu.edu.cn
Fri Mar 18 04:33:32 UTC 2011

I wrote my script like this,

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Bio::SeqIO;
my $catch_seq = Bio::SeqIO -> new(-file => 'test.gbk',-format=>
while( my $seq_obj = $catch_seq -> next_seq)
	my @all_mRNA_features = grep {$_->primary_tag eq 'mRNA'} $seq_obj ->
	for my $mRNA_feature (@all_mRNA_features)
			$exon_number = scalar(@exons);
			print "$exon_number\n";

I hope to count exon number in every mRNA. But it print nothing(You can
arbitrarily get a genbank file to test it). What's wrong?

Tao Zhu, College of Life Sciences, Beijing Normal University, Beijing
100875, China
Email: tzhu at mail.bnu.edu.cn
Website: http://bnuzt.org (mainly written in Chinese)

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