[Bioperl-l] evalues/floating point tests

Chris Fields cjfields at illinois.edu
Sat Jan 17 21:53:00 UTC 2009

I've noticed an odd issue when testing BioPerl on WinXP yesterday  
which doesn't appear to be popping up anywhere else.  When comparing  
floating point numbers, several tests fail like the following:

#   Failed test at t\SearchIO\blast_pull.t line 40.
#          got: '1e-23'
#     expected: '1e-023'

#   Failed test at t\SearchIO\blast_pull.t line 67.
#          got: '6e-59'
#     expected: '6e-059'

These are generally in lines like (for the example above)

is $result->get_parameter('expect'), 1e-23;

I'm adding a method to Bio::Root::Test for comparing two floating  
point numbers based on equality:

float_eq $float1, $float2, $message;

This basically wraps is() but runs both values through 'sprintf("%g",  
$foo)' prior to the comparison; it has a prototype requiring two  
values to be passed and an optional message.  Any objections to the  
method name or adding this in?  I've already converted many of the  
tests in t/SearchIO over but wanted to pass it by the group prior to  
an actual commit.


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